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07 November 2008 @ 02:12 pm
I just installed Ubuntu 7.1 a couple of days ago. I am not thrilled. It's crashed on me 3 times in the last 24hrs. Im having printer issues and ipod issues.

I installed Thunderbird for email, i know its not linux but im pissed at it to. I dont know what happened but now hotmail.com is only showing emails from 2005 and nothing more recent.

Bah, should i just give up and go back to my illegal Windows? Should i be patient and hope new updates will come soon and fix the crashing?

_okay, done ranting for the moment
25 July 2008 @ 10:56 pm
I quit my pizza job that ive had for the last year and a half.

I was only working one day a week since i went full time with massage.

ill miss the free pizza and certain co-workers, but the rest can go fuck themselves with a carrot.
17 July 2008 @ 12:39 am
I did the whole elimination diet for 23 straight days. I saw positive results on my sinus/seasonal allergy issues, plus my hair is much less oily. However, this diet has not helped the reason i went to Bastyr's Clinic in the first place. Where does that put me? Frustrated!!!!!!!!
I could continue to see if certain foods made my sinuses worse, but it's so subjective w/ having allergy issues before testing each individual food. I could be patient, and do it all, waiting days in between foods and symptoms.

But why?

It's just frustrating me.
I was a little sad when i decided to give up. wishing that i knew what was going on w/ my body despite all these days of restriction.
I went to work at Pudge Bros Pizza today, i ate my first slice in a month. it wasnt that satisfying, then i ate some cookie dough, it wasnt that tasty either. its weird to give up things for so long to find yourself not really enjoying them again.
But then, after work, i went to the Blue Moon (where Tom Robbins wrote some of his novels) down the street and had a couple of "Jameson, neat." and enjoyed the warm blob that became myself.
mmmmh, ;)

I think ill eat some more dairy and wheat before cutting them out of my usual diet, b/c i think they are the main culprits to my sinus dilemma.
I think ive given up on Bastyr too, not sure. they wanna do another blood test and probably give me MORE fucking supplements. Blah, why is my inability to digest raw foods so unusual that they cant tell me whats going on.


Sugar train, here i come!
woot woot
03 July 2008 @ 11:55 pm
So it's been ten days free of everything on that long ass list (except i just had some soup that i forgot was cooked w/ tempeh, oh well).

Oh the roller coaster of feelings that comes with your body adjusting and relearning what to eat. The fact that im not a caffeine addict and already eat/cook wholesomely has made this process do-able. Ive learned a lot about substituting ingredients(uh can anyone say rice), and how expensive vegan treats/munchies are. Like Coconut Bliss's dark chocolate ice cream is a miracle on my moon cycle despite it being $6 a pint. Ive been feeling like a hypocrite wandering the food isles w/ Nana's Vegan cookies in my cart and a pound of ground buffalo to grill this weekend. Yea, seems im more squeamish about choosing what kind of flesh to eat than i originally imagined.
But it's all in the name of good health. And i think the diet is helping.

I pray im not allergic to dairy, i fucking miss cheese and yogurt.
22 June 2008 @ 08:05 pm
OMG, I can't believe i used to live off this shit. 

Last night i my "dinner" consisted of: brie n' crackers, bowl of frosted flakes, bowl of honey smacks, toaster strudel, plus some chocolate nibbling.
I woke up the this morning with no energy and the mental capacity of a stoned monkey (neither have overly improved though the day).  Walking less than a mile to and from work i started to feel really weird, like prickles of heat below my skin and sudden hot flash at the end.  i remember feeling like this when i worked at Sonic and lived off the typical american food.   I feel like the dude on Super Size Me and looking forward to a wholesome diet soon. 

God, i hate the word DIET.
Yesterday, under the suggestion of a few friends, i went to Bastyr's student clinic to find out about my digestion issues.

Seems that food allergies/intolerances is the popular diagnosis for a wide variety of aliments these days.  My case is no exception.

But what am i intolerant to?
Best way to know is to follow the Elimination Diet.
That doesn't sound too difficult.       <Riiiiiiight....... ah, good ol' useful denial.>
It's challenging, the quality of your results depends on your ability to adhere to the diet.

After discussing this with some friends, it seems most havent gone through with this strict diet because it takes a couple of months and their negative symptoms were not debilitating enough to bother.  Mine ARE.  for once ill spare you the TMI portion of this entry, but lets just say its bad enough that i am going to do it.  and do it well so i dont have to fucking bother again. 

What i can NOT eat for 2-4 weeks:
-coffee & black tea
-refined sugars (raw honey is OK)
-Food additives
-recreational drugs (messes w/ insulin levels)
I dont want to eat meat, and i currently live off bread and cheese, so this is going to be challenging.

H0w does the Bethalope Cope?
By binging on large amounts of processed sugar and stuff i love for a few days while i research this crazyness.  I figure after the hardcore binge ill be more willing to a eat healthy diet post excessive sugar crashing. 
What i bought today in glee:
toaster strudel, caramel icecream, cheezits, pillsbury cinnamon rolls, junior mints, mint chocolate covered oreos, spaghetti & sauce, nutty bars, wine
What am i doing right now?
being a retard by drinking wine to assist with posting this instead of fasting 10 hrs for blood work tomorrow. whoops. 
21 May 2008 @ 11:40 am
...for the Bethalope to migrate to motherland of austin and elgin,tx (the sausage capitol of the world)

I had a lot of fun packing last night. it reminded me of things that used to be in my daily thoughts, and who/where ive been in the last 6 years. [Fuck, 6 years at this post-high school life]

What a trip it has been, What a trip it is going to be at Burning Flipside for memorial day weekend, and spend a couple of days w/ my fam.  Plus, im really looking forward to a week of not working my physically demanding job.  Rest is nice, and so are new adventures.  
Current Music: SomaFM
05 May 2008 @ 11:33 pm
today it's been warm enough, long enough for me to trudge around the house bare footed. [my low blood pressure means my feet are always freezing, im the kinda girl who wears socks while "naked"]. but there is something so grounding, so human about sensing everything you walk on. and thank you ibm for showing me this justifying article.

and i thank my father for giving me this love, it's one of the few positive quirks i received from him. he grew up in a small back water town on the texas coast where children were not required to wear shoes in school until the 2nd grade. so while my mom and her piscean feet were constantly in shoes, me and my dad were outside getting ours grimey with glee.

so ive been in a good mood today despite whatever else is going on.
01 May 2008 @ 11:39 pm
I am dependent on outside events to dictate my mood. 

Even though i hear it doesn' have to be this way. 
*shakes fist*
04 March 2008 @ 03:49 pm
The world is cooling according to NASA

And im so amused that the founder of The Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud.

Ethanol scares me. and so does carbon offset/global warming taxes.

I wish i had money to invest in the Air Car.